CrossView for ArcGIS

Dynamic cross section generation for ArcGIS 10+

CrossView 2 is now available!

Posted by CrossView Team on February 04, 2014.

CrossView has been completely rewritten from the ground up to be fully integrated with ArcGIS. Gone is the wizard-based interface that locked you into your cross section once it was finished. The new software allows you to create multiple cross sections that are saved within the ArcMap document (MXD), change the layers and their properties any time you need, and only export the cross section to the page layout once you're ready. If you decide to change the cross section later, just alter it in the CrossView interface and re-export.

CrossView consists mainly of two dockable windows that have been added to the ArcMap interface. The first is the CrossView Table of Contents window and contains your profiles and layers just like the ArcMap Table of Contents that you're used to. The second is the CrossView Profile window which displays the cross section that is currently selected in the table of contents, just like the main ArcMap map display.

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