CrossView for ArcGIS

Dynamic cross section generation for ArcGIS 10+

CrossView Tips and Tricks

Posted by CrossView Team on March 07, 2014.

There are a few shortcuts and hidden pieces of functionality in CrossView. Try these next time you're working with cross sections in ArcGIS.

  • If you hold the CTRL button while moving the mouse over your cross section in the profile window, a cross will be displayed on the map view that will show the mouse location along the cross section line.
  • To quickly activate a profile, hold down CTRL and left click on it in the CrossView TOC.
  • To suppress the confirmation dialog when deleting a profile or profile layer, hold down the CTRL button when you click Delete from the context menu.
  • When clicking on a node in the CrossView TOC to expand or collapse it, hold the CTRL button to expand or collapse all of the nodes at the same level.