CrossView for ArcGIS

Dynamic cross section generation for ArcGIS 10+


CrossView is the premier 2-dimensional GIS visualization tool for unearthing GIS surface and subsurface information.

CrossView helps ArcGIS users gain broader and more intimate access to geospatial terrains and subsurfaces by integrating rich geospatial data with simple, yet robust and versatile, cross section visualizations.

With applications to suit professionals from environmental engineers and geologists to planners and construction engineers, CrossView makes GIS easier, saving time and money. By creating powerful cross section presentations in minutes, not hours, CrossView drastically hastens the workflow of today’s GIS professionals, eliminating the need to reformat or learn outside software while maximizing the skills and tools ESRI ArcGIS users already have.

New visualizations... No learning curves.

Make Cross Section and Profile Diagrams Directly in ArcMap

  • Generate detailed diagrams in minutes, not hours.
  • Highlight vertical, as well as horizontal, spatial relationships.
  • Instantly evaluate cross section details and attributes.
  • Develop diagrams that encourage intuitive reasoning and problem solving.

Multi-Surface Visualization

  • Simultaneously visualize multiple GRIDs, TINs, and other surface datasets.
  • Display topographic surfaces with geologic and hydrologic subsurfaces.
  • Depict and highlight spatial interrelationships among surfaces.

Incorporate well, bore, and other down-hole features

  • Depict wells, bores, and other features from input datasets, and retain their descriptive attributes.
  • Expand your workflow to incorporate geotechnical and geo-environmental data.
  • Highlight and infer relationships among features to encourage intuitive data interpolation

Search and Visualization Buffer

  • Search for, find, and display wells, bores, and other point features within a proximity buffer to your cross section line.
  • Define buffer distances relevant for your cross section.
  • Quickly and interactively evaluate the visual impact of different proximity buffers on your cross section diagram.

Complete ESRI ArcGIS Workflow Integration

  • Seamless integration within ArcMap via an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn wizard.
  • Simple, intuitive learning curve based on your existing ArcGIS skills.
  • Leverage ArcMap’s native cartographic editing and finishing tools.
  • Retain and sustain feature attributes from input source layers to output cross section diagrams.
  • Compatible with ESRI geodatabases, shapefiles, coverages, and tables imported into ArcMap